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Bull Terrier Colors

Bull Terriers are divided into two varities in the AKC show ring, COLORED and WHITE. Below is a description of the most common colors. A white bull terrier bred to a white bull terrier will produce only white pups (possibly with some markings). A colored bull terrier bred to a white bull terrier or a colored bull terrier bred to another colored bull terrier may produce both white and colored pups in the same litter. A solid bull terrier bred to either a white or a colored bull terrier will produce only colored pups.

A white bull terrier should be predominanty white. Colored coat markings are allowed on the head, but any below the neck are considered a fault in the show ring and known as a mis-mark. However, pigmentation of the skin under the fur is allowed.

This is a colored bull terrier in which the coat is one of various shades of brindle (striped) but with white markings usually seen as a blaze on the face, mantle around the neck and across the chest, on the feet/legs and often a white tip on the tail. A colored bull terrier must be at least 50% colored. All things considered, brindle is the preferred color for a colored bull terrrier according to the standard.

This is a colored bull terrier in which the coat is red and usually displays the same white markings as described in the brindle & white above. If the red is more washed out, it is considered Fawn. A red may also have some black around the muzzle which is know as a Smut.

This is similiar to a brindle except that the predominant color of the dog is black with the brindling usually only apparent on the face and legs.

This bull terrier is black, tan/red and white (three colors) but all three colors are separate. There is no brindling.

This dog may be any of the above colored examples but will have only minimal white on its body (very little blaze, no mantle and only the smallest amount of white on chest or feet).

Color When Breeding

Some Litter Color Information that I've Gatheredd

Litters 1 & 2: Colored (Brindle/White) Female - White Male
Did this breeding TWICE (same dogs) first litter, one brindle white male. Second litter, one white male with mismark.

Litter 3:Colored (Brindle/White) Female - Solid Brindle Male
One red/white male, One solid black brindle female, One brindle/white male, One solid black brindle male.
i.e. 2 colored and two solids

Litter 4: Solid (Black Brindle) Female - Colored (Brindle/White) Male
One brindle/white female, One red/white female, Two solid brindle male, One solid brindle female
i.e. two colored and three solids

Litter 5: Solid (Black Brindle) Female - White Male
One red/white female, One red/white male, One tri-color male, One black brindle/white female, Three brindle/white females
i.e. Seven coloreds

Litter 6: Brindle/White Female - White Male
One brindle/white female
Litter 7: Brindle/White Female - Tri-Color Male
One tri-colored male, One solid tri-colored male, One brindle male
i.e. One colored, two solids

Litter 8: Brindle/White Female - Brindle/White Male
One brindle white male, one white male
i.e. one colored, one white

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