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We feel it is important for any dog owner to be aware of the health problems prevalent in their breed. To minimalize the risk of these known diseases in future generations, health testing of each of the parents is highly recommended prior to breeding. The minimum tests for bull terriers are UPC, patellas, and heart. In addition, all pups should be BAER hearing tested prior to going to new homes. The following link has info on health tests required for a CSH (Certificate of Sound Health) for both bull terriers and miniature bull terriers.

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BULLIES EAT ANYTHING! Beware of Obstructions
All new bully owners should be aware that bull terriers have a tendency to eat anything, even things that are normally inedible. If you see your dog throwing up (and may or may not also have the runs), this can be a sign of an obstruction (a blockage inside the dog caused by eating foreign objects). If you think there is any chance your bully may have ingested something, he/she should be xrayed immediately to determine if he has ingested something that cannot be passed. We have been vigilant and so far lucky in that none of our dogs have required "ZIPPER" surgury to remove any foreign object. However, many bullies are members of the Zipper Club, and only fast action on the part of their owner saved their life.

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