Cotton silk saree cherished attire in woman’s wardrobe

Cotton silk saree cherished attire in woman’s wardrobe

The Kanchipuram saree, also Called the Kanjivaram, is among the most famous silk sarees available in the nation. It is traditionally woven by the weavers in Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. This place is known as Silk City, as the significant profession of the people is weaving silk sarees. The place however doesn’t manufacture any raw material that goes into the making of this silk saree. The mulberry silk stems from Karnataka and the Zari comes from Surat. The purchase price of this saree can be anything between 2000 INR to 100000 INR, depending on the intricacy of their job, colours, and patterns, along with the materials used like zari, gold thread etc. A Kanchipuram Saree is made from pure mulberry silk. Three shuttles are used to weave the saree. The weaver works on the ideal shuttle and his aide functions on the left one.

Cotton Silk Sarees

The saree is distinguished by a contrast boundary – the colour of which differs from the rest of the body. The pallu is independently woven, and then combined to the saree with delicate thread work. Some of the most common themes which are typically woven into a Kanchipuram saree are suns, moons, peacocks, chariots, swans, parrots, lions, mangoes, coins, and leaves one of others. The saree has three components – the body, border and the hanging end of the saree. The three primary raw materials used while weaving the saree are – zari, silk thread and dye. The weavers unite the three to make a special artwork in every saree. The border design and colour are often quite different from the body of the saree. The changing times have wielded considerable influence on the Kanchipuram. It is undergone a transformation to suit modern requirements and preferences. Some of the most recent trends include using crystal work, embroidery, images of gods and goddesses and ancient paintings amongst others.

The sarees are available in every conceivable colour, variety and design. They have gained a reputation for their elegance, durability, texture and finish. Several marriages, especially those in South India are incomplete with no Kanchipuram saree. Among the several Kinds of cotton silk saree available in the country. The absolute beauty, elegance and beauty of this Kanchipuram has made it one of the most gorgeous sarees on earth. You can purchase one of those heavy sarees with golden borders and remarkable colour combinations, and flaunt its unparalleled beauty.

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